U10s May 10th, 2008

Lee Valley Lions/Haringey Hounds 7 – 6 Romford Rascals
U10′s Match
11th September 2011

The first game of the season was always going to be a tough one, especially against Romford Rascals who we have not beaten for a long time.  I felt the game was going to be tough, but confident that our first line would produce a good game as we have some exceptional players in that line.  As I expected the first line worked very hard with Marcus Cyrille and Harvey Schofield played exceptionally well defensively to protect our rookie goalie Theo Rangarajan. Our first line conceded only one goal through out the game.

First liner Nathan Awoyemi scored the first goal after 21 seconds of play. Then got himself another first half goal along with Brandon Newson and Tanner Hatzman.  The Lions and Hounds were 4-2 up at half time.

Our second line had a tough time defensively against a very talented Rascals offensive player Tjay Anderson who scored both first half goals for the Rascals.  Tjay then scored 3 more goals to take the score to 5-5 from a 5-2 deficit in the space of four minutes at the beginning of the second half.  You could feel the tension in the Lee Valley Ice Centre, and the Romford Supporters thought the tide was turning in their favour when Marco Pascale finally broke through our first line defence for the Rascals to take the lead for the first time with a score line of 5-6.

The game was on and Lee Valley/Haringey worked hard and eventually Harvey Schofield poked a loose puck into the net for the equalizer .  The winning goal came from “Man of the Match” Nathan Awoyemi on the first line’s final shift taking his total tally to 4 goals.

The second and third line now had the tough job defensively of protecting our fragile 7-6 lead in the dying moments of the game, earning left defence Tanner Hatzman a  spirit of the Game” award along with his first half goal.

I was incredibly impressed by the third line of which some players had never played before.  Notable performances from the more experienced third liner Isaac Auguste for several decent break always and shots on goal, but a talented Romford goalie stopped our third line notching a few goals for the team.

The teams work ethic was very strong.  I am a great believer in hard work wins games – this game showed us exactly that and none of our players let up until the final buzzer.

The next game will be on the 2nd of October 2011 at Lee Valley against Peterborough.

Tim Schofield
U10 Coach

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