Update 09/02/2015 February 9th, 2015

Club Hoodies now back on sale !
Go on, treat yourself !

We have now sorted a new supplier for our club hoodies and are taking orders.

We have a sample of every size to try before you buy so look out for Tracy or Zoe (Jude’s mum u12s) and they can take your order.

They come in plain pullover or zippered and have your name printed on the back with the club logo on the front.

Prices are as follows


  • Pullover £17
  • Zippered £20


  • Pullover £20
  • Zippered £24
Update 16/01/2015 January 16th, 2015

A message from the chair

Welcome to to Lee Valley Junior Ice Hockey Club !
We are aiming to do more frequent updates on this website so keep checking in for information and fixtures etc.


This week sees the Hackney Gazette running an article on the club, so don’t forget to get your copy this Thursday or check it out on line.
Here’s the link
We had a tough start to the season with a shortage of players in all age groups so now’s your chance to help the club, get your friends involved and bring them down to a trial training session, We need members so the more people we get on the ice, the better the club has a chance of surviving.
We are proud to be the cheapest club in the country but this is only possible if we have enough players/members. We desperately need funds to maintain this so anything you can do to help would be fantastic. Sadly if we don’t get some additional funds, we will have to look at putting the monthly fees up. This is not something we want to do but if faced with doing this or the club closing then we will have little choice so get out there and let’s promote the club.


This season we have introduced the chance for under 12s and younger to be a mascot at the Lions seniors games. This helps my vision of closing the gap between the youngest and oldest players. Currently there is a lot of separation between the teams and I would love to see a more united club.
So if any of the Under 10s or Under 12s would like to be a mascot, please speak to your team manager or Tracy.


If you have any fund raising ideas, please share them and even better, do them !
We are always happy to have volunteers for fundraising so please speak to any of the committee if you can spare us some time.
Thank you all for your continued support in this great club !
Chair-Lee Valley Lions Junior Ice Hockey Club

Kids in town featuring Lee Valley Lions

Recently, the the Kids in Town video blog visited the Lee Valley Lions to learn about Ice Hockey.  Here is the video blog that they recently published.

Beginners Course Dates October 13th, 2011

Beginners Course Dates

Course dates for the year are now available here.